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Transcriber Training Academy (TTA) courses teach you how to be a legal transcriber, proofreader, or court reporter.

TTA has the most comprehensive online courses to teach you how to become a legal transcriber, a legal transcript proofreader, and to teach you all the theoretical knowledge you need to become a court reporter.

Legal transcription is one of the most fulfilling work-from-home jobs you can have. You can be part of a profession that challenges you to learn new things every single day, all on a schedule you create.

Seasoned legal transcribers will tell you that by listening to courtroom proceedings, they now know a little about a lot of things they never thought they’d encounter: DNA testing, firearm trajectories, oil wells, copyright law, and so much more.

TTA brings this exciting profession right to your door.

Our Courses

Transcriber Training Academy is proud to be bringing these exciting professions to you!

Legal Transcription

TTA is a dynamic online legal transcription course designed to teach you everything you need to know about legal transcription. From how to set up a transcript all the way through to how to find contracts and clients, you can learn how to get started, all from the comfort of your home.


Proofreading transcripts is an essential role in legal transcribing and there’s a growing need for skilled proofreaders. In addition to our transcription courses, TTA has courses specifically designed to ready you to proofread the work of others.

Digital Court Reporting

Digital court reporting is a fast-growing field in which you get to experience the activity live in the courtroom and at depositions as you take on the essential role of making a clear and accurate record of what is occurring. TTA provides you with all the theoretical knowledge you need to be able to enter a courtroom or office and create the official record.

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How It Works

Transcriber Training Academy offers a series of lessons covering a wide range of topics.

You will be accompanied on your journey by our instructor, Tina, who will guide you through each topic.

Our lessons have interactive pages, videos, activities, and quizzes, keeping you engaged in learning. Each lesson takes under an hour, so you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

You can watch each lesson as many times as you want, all for one low monthly price.

Course Contents

Transcriber Training Academy's course content covers:

  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • General knowledge courses about the U.S. court system
  • Grammar and how it is applied to courtroom proceedings
  • An explanation of important courtroom procedures
  • Parts of a transcript
  • How to produce a quality transcript
  • Researching for an accurate transcript
  • How to improve your efficiency as a transcriber

... and so much more!

TTA Certification

TTA provides professional certification for Legal Transcribers, Proofreaders and Digital Reporters.
The current examination fee is $89.

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A few words from some of our happy graduates.

Miriam P

Miriam P.

TTA is a phenomenal resource for court transcribers. It explains everything so clearly and can be navigated at one’s own pace. The information is extremely useful to (court) transcribers. It is presented in a most enjoyable manner, and in bits and pieces, and therefore easy to digest and remember. The review at the end of each lesson is great, as you can make sure you learned all there was from the lesson. Thank you so much!
I took the courses over a year ago and found them extremely helpful for transitioning from medical to legal transcribing. ... I give a thumbs up to the Transcriber Training Academy!
Fiona C

Fiona C.

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